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Opponent List

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  • Tennis
CNader Yacaman
I am an intermediate player willing to play Tuesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I am also willing to play Mondays and Thursdays after 6:30 PM (posted 10/7/2014)

Chris Lau
Available to play on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (posted 9/5/2014)

A. Upal
Inexperienced player looking to learn. Available most weekdays between 10am and 5pm. (posted 8/29/2014)

Gil Vazquez
Moderate player.....haven't played in a couple of years. Looking to get back into playing regularly. Available Thursday - Sunday. (posted 10/2/13)

Adam Rhodes-Rogan
Looking to play weekdays (except) Monday, any time after 3:30PM. Moderate - advanced, but haven't played in a while, so I'm open to playing more relaxed games as well. (posted 9/19/13)

Ben Deurso
I am an inexperienced raquetball player looking to learn the game (posted 9/10/13)

Juan Castaneda
Long time no play. After a while, I can have an acceptable level. (posted 9/4/13)

Daniela Stumm
I don't know the rules very well, but I truly enjoy playing! (posted 9/4/13)

Alan Zaremba
Intermediate/advanced player. (posted 1/3/13)

Erfan Kheirkhahi
intermediate/advanced player! I'm willing to play regularly once a week sometime after 5 pm. (posted 3/29/2012)

Umair Shafique
I am a beginner-to-intermediate level player. Available to play anytime after 6pm during the weekdays ( except Thursday), or anytime during the weekend.(posted 2/2/2015)

Gabriel Bakiewicz
Intermediate level. Flexible schedule.(posted 9/8/14)

Adam Rhodes-Rogan
Beginner - Moderate; Looking to play weekdays (except Mondays) after 3:30PM.(posted 9/19/13)

Daniel Noemivoionmaa
Intermediate/Advanced, haven't played in a year, but willing to get back into the game (posted 9/4/13)

Wendy Appelle
Intermediate level (posted 9/4/13)

Daniela Stumm
I love it! Although I am not an experienced player, I am sporty and competitive :) (posted 9/4/13)

Jash Shah
I have just recently started playing squash on a recreational level. I liked playing it and would love to play with anyone up for it.(posted 8/16/2013)

David Cliff
beginner/intermediate player, games after 5pm would be good (posted 7/15/2013)

Baxter Wathen
Advanced player. Looking for others interested in serious matches (standard best of 5 games) to prepare for next season. Contact me for more info. (posted 5/28/2013)

JD Peckham
I posted on here a while ago but I want to renew it. I'm an intermediate-advanced player who is out of practice and I want to get back into the game. Looking for people to hit with, play matches, whatever. Male/female, doesn't matter. Send me an email, we can share numbers and work out a time! I'm here for Summer 1. (posted 4/14/2013)

Daniel Helderman
Intermediate Level, Looking to get back to it. Free Tuesday, Friday and during the week after 3 (posted 3/14/2013)

Philip Kravtsov
I haven't played in 3 years and am looking to get back into it. I am looking for a good beginner/intermediate opponent to get started. Free between 12pm-3pm every day except Wednesday (2pm-7pm), and free any time during the weekends (posted 2/19/2013)

Syed Haider
Intermediate player.Free tuesday,and weekends (posted 1/25/2013)

Harrison Tanchuck
I played throughout middle school and high school on the varsity team and considered myself to be a decent player. I stopped playing for 2.5 years and now want to pick back up the sport. I'm free to play mondays wednesdays thursdays after 5pm, most tuesdays before 2pm and fridays after 3pm (posted 1/22/2013)

John Ju
Played tennis throughout middle/highschool and got into squash when I came to NEU. Looking to play usually on Mondays and Thursdays after 2pm. (posted 1/9/2013)

Jeff Hengel
I'm trying to hit a bit over the winter months. The courts are monopolized daily from 2 to 7 pm. So I'm hoping to hit at 7 pm, any day M-Th (weekends a possibility). I should mention that I'm a staff member here so I'm a bit older than your typical student. But I played tennis in college and have been playing squash for about a year so I'm in the intermediate level range. (posted 1/8/2013)

Rachel Moo
Started playing squash over the last few months and have become addicted to the game! I have varying availability throughout the week, so please email me to arrange a time. (posted 1/7/2013)

Nicholas Ginsburg
Played for fun in high school and am getting back into the sport. Looking to work on my game with an intermediate or advanced player. Free after 6p M/W/F. Free most weekends as well. (posted 10/18/2012)

Matthew Noble
I'm a beginner but I'll give it a good go. The times when I am available vary, so please contact me to arrange a game. (posted 9/13/2012)

Cheng Zhang
Beginner/Intermediate - 3-4 times a week. Anytime after 5PM would work for me. (posted 9/7/2012)

Daniel Noemi Voionmaa
Intermediate/Advanced. Once or twice a week. 5pm or later. (posted 8/20/2012)

Christopher Griffin
Beginner looking for opponents, preferably on weekends or possibly after 6 PM during the week. (posted 2/21/2012)

John Subranni
Played varsity in College (Tufts), but haven't played since (NE Law School). Available most early evenings. (posted 1/31/2012)

Anne-Marie Dion
I'm a beginner but I'm a very enthusiastic player and will give it my all. For the spring, I'm mostly available on Tuesdays after 2pm and Fridays before 5pm. Let me know if you want to play! (posted 1/9/2012)

Shuangjun Liu
Beginner. Just want to practice basic skills, such as forehand, backhand. No competative games at this time. Available in afternoon / early evening. Advanced notice needed. (posted 10/14/14)

Kaitlin Beegle
Interested in casually playing tennis/rallying back and forth. Nothing too competitive at first. Intermediate player with years of training and experience, but havenít played in at least 2 years. Looking to get back into it. Free most evenings, let me know. (posted 9/11/14)

Benjamin Noelle
Looking for a tennis partner. (posted 8/18/14)

Angel Perez
I am an intermediate player, have played for many years. Understand the game really well and can play almost any day. Please contact me to play singles or doubles. (posted 10/7/13)

Rami Maalouf
I am an intermediate player, but I haven't played in about 9 months to a year. I am looking to play Singles/Doubles/Mixed. I can play just about everyday, but need at least a 3 hour notice. (posted 9/30/13)

Savannah Schwing
I am an intermediate player and would love to be able to regularly play/practice a few times a week in the afternoon/early evening. Willing to play doubles/singles/mixed. Let me know if you are interested! (posted 9/11/13)

Ben Deurso
I am an experienced tennis player looking for a weekly match against someone!. (posted 9/10/13)

Nogista Antanuri
Beginner-Intermediate level. I prefer to play men's single to double. I want to play and practice to improve my skill. Looking for someone who can play with regularly. (posted 9/5/2013)

Griffin Rapsilber
I'm an intermediate player, about a 3.5-4.0. Looking to get some time on court with either singles or doubles. (posted 9/5/2013)

Sumayah Rahman
I'm pretty much a beginner, I played in high school but haven't played since then. I'd maybe rate myself 3.0. But I'm definitely willing to play with people less or more advanced than me. I'm available evenings during the week, and on weekends. (posted 8/6/2013)

Terence Cai
Intermediate level. Open to men's singles, doubles and mixed. (posted 8/4/2013)

Anita Chang
I am a beginner player looking to rally/play with someone to improve my form and overall game. My availability varies but I live right across from the tennis courts! (posted 6/20/2013)

Syed Haider
I am free on the weekends.I am an intermediate player and quite competitive.Send me an email and we cordinate a time.Thanks (posted 5/22/2013)

Anne-Claire Ramser
Intermediate player free at 1:30pm everyday. Email me: I want to play, rally, improve, practice etc. (posted 5/8/2013)

JD Peckham
I posted on here a while ago but I want to renew it. I'm an intermediate-advanced player who is out of practice and I want to get back into the game. Looking for people to hit with, play matches, whatever. Male/female, doesn't matter. Send me an email, we can share numbers and work out a time! I'm here for Summer 1. (posted 4/14/2013)

Ray Li
Looking for any players who hits good rallies, have goals of improving, trying to make into tennis team (That will be me), and more competitive. (posted 3/28/13)

Burak Yilmaz
I played for 6 months quite extensively, though I don't know what my level corresponds to. I am looking for an opponent, may be intermediate. I like playing at 9pm on a very nice court at close to Sullivan Square, with lights till 11 pm. Very nice court. Send me an email ! (posted 3/18/13)

Daniel Bedoya
Intermediate player available 6:30 PM and after (posted 3/18/13)

Ross Chhoeng
Looking someone to hit good rallies with and also play competitive matches with. Will hit with anyone from 3.0+ (posted 10/9/12)

JD Peckham
Looking to play singles with another intermediate to advanced player, male or female. (posted 10/5/12)

Matthew Noble
I'm not a beginner though my game needs some work. I can play every evening except after 7PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or on a morning if you prefer. (posted 9/21/12)

Kavy Gao
Looking for someone to play tennis with regularly, best if you live in international village. Thanks! (posted 9/20/12)

Varun Jain
I am from India and just joined Northeastern for my masters. I used to play tennis in high school and quit long time back. I certainly need to brush up my game again and start playing again. Let me know if anyone wants to play sometime. (posted 8/22/12)

Mikaela Bartels
I will be a freshman this fall and I'm just looking to play tennis for fun. I played all four years on my high school team, three years jv and one year varisty. I'm an average/intermediate level player. (posted 8/21/12)

Sam Inamdar
I am a beginner for Tennis but I play badminton well. I would like to learn this game and I am ready to practice. If anyone is just starting tennis we can practice and learn together. (posted 8/13/12)

Esther Cohen
I am an intermediate level tennis player. I am 30 year old female. I played tennis in high-school on the varsity level and for fun since then. Please set me up with a player of the same gender and level. (posted 8/1/12)

Julie Hugunin
I'll be a freshmen this fall and I just want to play some games here and there for fun. I'm an average player, maybe intermediate, not quite sure. Let me know if you wanna play! (posted 7/31/12)

Tori Godfrey
Looking for an advanced beginner or intermediate player for the fall (i'm definitely not a tennis pro, I just want to play for fun). Schedule is pretty flexible. Let me know if interested! (posted 7/30/12)

Anne-Claire Ramser
I'm a sophomore and would like to play tennis once/twice a week for Summer 2 and possibly continuing in the Fall! I love tennis and play it for fun and would love to share the love! (posted 6/21/12)

Mariam Mikava
Looking for advanced/intermediate player who could teach/practice with me for a fee (please, propose your rate). I am the beginner, in fact I have never plaid big tennis, so if you play tennis well, you can easily train me. Want to play twice a week for an hour or so, mostly between 5PM-8PM on weekdays, or during the daytime on weekend. (posted 4/2/12)

Anais Pena
Intermediate player looking to have some practice games (no competitions). (posted 4/2/12)