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Nader Yacaman
I am an intermediate player willing to play Tuesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I am also willing to play Mondays and Thursdays after 6:30 PM (posted 10/7/2014)

Chris Lau
Available to play on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (posted 9/5/2014)

A. Upal
Inexperienced player looking to learn. Available most weekdays between 10am and 5pm. (posted 8/29/2014)

Amy Lu
Beginner-Intermediate level. Interested in finding some opponents with relative more experience to have a good game. (posted 8/12/2015)

Daniel Noemi Voionmaa
I am an intermediate level Squash player. Flexible schedule. (posted 4/22/2015)

Umair Shafique
I am a beginner-to-intermediate level player. Available to play anytime after 6pm during the weekdays ( except Thursday), or anytime during the weekend.(posted 2/2/2015)

Gabriel Bakiewicz
Intermediate level. Flexible schedule.(posted 9/8/14)

Maxime Dumortier
Looking for an opponent to hit casually and maybe play some matches at times. Intermediate level. I've been playing since I was 7 years old but only started playing competitively since 2012. Can play Monday/Tuesday afternoon and the weekends. (posted 9/3/2015)

CeCe Vander Laan
Intermediate player- haven't played much the past 2 years, but looking to start again. (posted 8/24/2015)

Ram Raghav
I Played during high school, but have lost touch in the past few years. Free on most evenings. (posted 7/23/2015)

Sruthi Nagalla
I am free to play on tuesday,Wednesday and weekends (posted 7/16/2015)

Lucas Ho
Intermediate/slightly-advanced player looking for someone to hit with. Played 4 years of Varsity tennis in high school. Free on evenings that aren't wednesday or friday. (posted 7/16/2015)

Anirudha Bedre
Anybody up for tennis? Preferably at the courts on Columbus Avenue, behind Northeastern. Morning/evening. You'll have to get your own racket. BACKGROUND: Little better than a Novice player- intermediate! Left-handed. Double-handed backhand. Played for around 6 years straight from mid-school - high school. Been a while since I played recently though. (posted 6/23/2015)

Marish Raju
I am player with years of training and experience but lost touch in the middle. I want to get back in the game. I am free in the evenings during week days and on weekends, anytime. (posted 5/26/2015)

Chris Ferro
Intermediate player, actively playing USTA tournaments. Looking for someone to play with to keep my game up. (posted 4/21/2015)

Nathaniel Prioleau
I'm an intermediate player with years of training and tournament experience. Looking for someone to hit with to practice for tournament season. Free some evening especially now that the weather is warmer. Would especially love to hit with a left handed player. (posted 4/7/2015)

Shuangjun Liu
Beginner. Just want to practice basic skills, such as forehand, backhand. No competative games at this time. Available in afternoon / early evening. Advanced notice needed. (posted 10/14/14)

Kaitlin Beegle
Interested in casually playing tennis/rallying back and forth. Nothing too competitive at first. Intermediate player with years of training and experience, but havenít played in at least 2 years. Looking to get back into it. Free most evenings, let me know. (posted 9/11/14)

Benjamin Noelle
Looking for a tennis partner. (posted 8/18/14)