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Intramural Game of the Week

Week 1

For this week's Game of the Week, we have selected the Flag Football team "Back That Pass Up". They showed an incredible amount of teamwork and sportsmanship! In their game against "The Underdogz", they made some epic plays to bring them in for the win. Not once, but two times, they stopped their opponents from becoming closer to a tie score by completing two crucial interceptions inches from the end zone.  They showed their sportsmanship by helping pick up both their opponents who had fallen down or the flags after deflagging them. They also did a phenomenal job of congratulating "The Underdogz" on a great game.
For their athleticism and sportsmanship, this has been our Game of the Week!

Week 2

This week's Game of the Week features "Super Smash Bros" and "Marshal Pangkey" from one of our newest sports this semester: Intramural Badminton! The weather has been changing a lot and tonight was a chilly one; however, both teams showed up to play their 6pm game! They showed great sportsmanship towards each other and had a great time playing. There were a few great rallies to be seen and some really great plays. The game was tied 1-1 after the second round and went in to a tie breaking third round. It was a close score but "Super Smash Bros" came through with the win! Great job coming out and playing tonight and congratulations on being our Game of the Week!

Week 3

This week's Game of the Week features the 4v4 Volleyball team "Fleury Lumber". This team showed great teamwork and sportsmanship which caused them to really stand out. Their communication during the game was fantastic and definitely lead to them achieving the win. It was great to a see a team work so in sync together. They felt this game was an important win for them and raised their team morale after a tough loss last week. When asked to describe their team in one word, the answered they agreed on was "fierce". It was also great to hear their sportsmanship towards each other as well. We asked them if there was a single player they would like to highlight, yet this team declined and expressed how they wouldn't be victorious if it wasn't for the whole team. They feel they displayed a "firestorm" of offense to pull through and are really excited to be chosen for this week's Game of the Week! After four years of waiting, congratulations to Matt, Bill, Justin and Kevin of "Fleury Lumber"!

Week 4

Auto forwarded by a Rule This week's Game of the Week is the Championship Game from the 3v3 Basketball League. The game was between "The A Team" and "Ludo Loves Pizza v5.0". It was an awesome game to watch because both teams had incredibly talents players. You could tell from watching their interactions with each other that they were all friends and really enjoyed playing against each other. And the score was a close one all the way to the last minutes! It seemed as though every other basket was a 3-pointer which kept it really exciting. There was a lot of communication and passing which led to some entertaining baskets. "The A Team" pulled ahead within the last 5 minutes of the game and gained an impressive lead. They won the game with a final score of 44-28. They felt this game was a big game for them and feel very privileged to be our Game of the Week! The team also expressed the importance of their defense and teamwork which held their opponents at a close score until the end. When asked to describe their team as a whole, they answered "Champions!"; and that they are! Great job boys! We'd also like to congratulate our champion referees Emily and Eric for doing such a great job!

Week 5

This week's Game of the Week goes to our Championship game for Squash! This is our first semester offering this sport and it was a great season! The final game was a match-up between Grigory Malkov and Philip Huntely and it was a great game to watch! Their sportsmanship really showed and it was nice to watch these two players respecting each other and having a great time competing for the title. In this best of 5 match, the pair were tied at 2-2 after the 4th game. In the final game, Huntley pulled ahead in a smooth win for the title of our first Champion Squash player! Congratulations on both the victory and a successful season!

Week 6

This week's Game of the Week is the Championship Game in our Ice Hockey League- it was a battle between "Christ Crew" and "Don't Toews Me Bro". And a battle it was! "Christ Crew" came into this game with a 3-2-0 record and "Don't Toews Me Bro" came in with a 5-1-0 record. You could tell both teams really wanted the title and were playing their best for it! Not only was there great competition amongst the teams, but great sportsmanship as well. With each check or pile up, every one of the players helped up the people around them, whether they were on the same team or not. It was a scoreless game throughout the first two periods which heightened the tension as the third period began! There was a numerous amount of close goals and "Don't Toews Me Bro" finally broke the 0-0 tied with a goal late in the third period. Their excitement must have carried on to the whole team because the next line scored a second goal shortly after. This was a great game to watch and we congratulate "Don't Toews Me Bro" on their victory and "Christ Crew" on an awesome season! Thank you also to our referees Nick, Colin and Eric on a successfully officiated game!